Besides the clear design references from the XT500 in the XSR700 XTribute, both motorbikes share a number of important characteristics, that make them easy to love. Both the XT500 and the XTribute have a relatively simple design, useable power and an all-round versatility. Just pure and honest fun accompanied with Yamaha’s high regard for quality.

Ride the Legend

This special combination of timeless good looks and modern technology perfectly illustrates the true spirit of the Faster Sons philosophy. With its unique specification the XSR700 XTribute gives a whole new generation of riders the chance to celebrate the past, while at the same time benefitting from modern technology and an outstanding riding experience.

The XSR700 XTribute’s special features include an XT-style flat seat and chunky footrests, as well as off road handlebars and fork gaiters that complement the timeless scrambler style. And thanks to its 690cc inline 2-cylinder engine and lightweight chassis, the XSR700 XTribute has the power and technology to impress.

At a glance

  • 35kW A2 version also available
  • XSR family LED lighting
  • Revised cockpit layout with integrated headlight stays
  • Retro XT inspired ‘1981’ colours and graphics
  • 690cc CP2 high-torque EU5 engine
  • Light and slim tubular backbone frame
  • Off road handlebars and chunky footrests
  • Block-pattern Pirelli MT 60 RS tires for street and gravel road riding
  • Special XT-style flat seat, fork gaiters and integrated headlight stays
  • Light, compact and agile

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XSR700 XTribute